Would you like Wesley Randolph Eader to play a show in your living room, studio or other unconventional performance space? If so, please send an email to and in the email please include your name, location (city and state), a brief description of the space (i.e. “my living room”, or “my art studio”), and whether or not you could provide Wesley with lodging for the night.


Hosting is easy, but there are a few details to keep in mind to help ensure a successful house show. For the sake of comfort and sound quality, indoor rooms, such as living rooms, are often the best spaces to host these intimate acoustic concerts. Before the show it is often necessary to rearrange the room in order to maximize the amount of space for guests, whether that’s to make room for chairs or to create more standing room. Ideally, the space should have some seating provided for those who attend the concert and a small “stage” area will also need to be established.

Though not as ideal, outdoor spaces, such as backyard and patios, will certainly be considered, depending on location and time of year.

Most house shows end up being 100% acoustic performances with no microphones, P.A.s, or amplifiers, just Wesley and his acoustic guitar, plain and simple. For bigger spaces, or at request, Wesley will also have a small speaker and microphone to allow for more volume. No fancy sound equipment or sound engineering experience is required to host these concerts.

The shows are typically about a 3 hour ordeal, including the time it takes for guests to arrive and a short time after for guests to mingle with each other and Wesley. Wesley typically performs for about an hour or so.


It’s free to host the show, and free for the host to attend. For guests, tickets are typically $12, and are sold through brown paper tickets, which you will learn more about when the show is confirmed. Hosts are encouraged (though not required) to purchase a “ticket pack” of 10 or more discounted price tickets that they can offer to friends, for a “guest list”. Hosts are also encouraged to help promote the show through word of mouth and social media.

For any other questions please send an email to